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SHIP BUILD: Hermes' Thong

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Its been a while since I've done a pure build guide, and there is a lot of T8 content that I have yet to cover. With that in mind, let's start by discussing the best new roaming ship currently in the game...


Describing the T8 interceptors as "fast" really doesn't do them justice. Clocking in at more than 4000 meters per second, interceptors can close range with the enemy in an instant and evade both tracking and even some drones as they orbits their enemy. Their small size means that they align and lock almost instantly - meaning that these ships can roam through a system in a fraction of the time of a cruiser and considerably faster than most frigates. This is invaluable to a pirate - especially as our targets increasingly spread out through nullsec, forcing us to roam wide.

The Interceptor class also has a few unique characteristics that seem custom designed to appeal to solo pirates or fleet point men. For one, interceptors have a significant bonus to microwarpdrive signature radius. That means that, unlike most ships, interceptors can zoom around at micro warp velocities without making themselves easier targets for missiles, drones and turrets. Additionally, interceptors get a bonus to warp disruption and scrambler ranges - allowing them to tackle their opponents without flying within range of webbifiers. As a cherry on top, interceptors are the only ships in the game that are immune to warp bubble mechanics - meaning that our Condor Interceptor can fly in and out of gate camps with ease - perfect for a nullsec pirate or scout.

On top of that, interceptors can output significant DPS - 200+ depending on skills and loadout. Combined, we have a class of ships that moves fast, warps fast, roams efficiently, tackles from long range and, finally, puts out enough DPS to kill any non-faction cruiser. In short, the interceptor is as perfect a pirate platform as you are likely to find.


While all of the interceptors have their merits, the Condor stands out among the pack for one clear reason - missiles. Unlike other interceptors, which have to rely upon turrets that struggle to track targets at high speeds and have lower DPS at long range, the Condor has bonuses to missiles. This allows the Condor Interceptor to attack from outside of the web and scrambler ranges of most ships while still putting out its full 200dps. Other interceptors might have higher "paper" dps (the Executioner can easily put out 250 with pulses), the Condor is the only ship that can actually achieve its full damage potential without slowing down - which, of course, no interceptor pilot wants to do.

The Condor - with decent skills - can tackle its targets and hit with its missiles all at max speed from 14-15km, thus keeping it just beyond that range of enemy scrams, webs and medium neutralizers. What more could you ask from a frigate hull?


HIGHS: 3x 'Discipline' Small Missile Launchers

MIDS: 2x Caldari Navy Warp Disruptors, 1x 'Interruptive' Warp Scrambler

LOWS: 1x Caldari Navy Ballistic Control, 1x 'Trapper' Small Shield Extender, 1x 'Scout' Microwarp Drive

RIGS: 2x Bay Loading Accelerator I, 1x Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I, 2x Auxiliary Thruster I, 1x Ancilliary Powergrid I

...except, that is for a BIT more powergrid. Be warned, this ship is a challenge to fit - I have 5/5/3 in Frigate Engineering and I barely get it all. If you don't have your engineering skills up to snuff, you might need to drop some modules down from high meta to low (when in doubt, try the cheaper modules before you shell out of the expensive ones!).

That lack of powergrid really does dictate the fitting for this ship. In an ideal world, you'd want a Gistii MWD as well as top-meta Missile Launchers, Ballistic Control, Shield Extender and two Warp Scramblers... but unless you are willing to throw on a Tier III powergrid rig worth as much as the ship itself, you'll have to make some sacrifices. As it is, an Ancillary Powergrid I is virtually required.

Ultimately, I find that swapping the Gistii MWD down to a 'Scout" is well-worth it - with my skills, I only lose 29m/s while gaining 2MW of powergrid. That extra grid allows to to squeeze in a Caldari Navy Ballistic Control and 'Trapper' Shield Extender - giving you enough DPS and buffer to survive most encounters. With 'Discipline' Small Missile Launchers you should have just enough grid for one Warp Scrambler and two Caldari Navy Disruptors - a total of 8 points of warp disruption at 15km and 4 points out to 30km. If desired you can fit a webbifier instead of one of the disruptors... but if you are in web range of something, chances are you are already dead.


I think the reason I like the Condor Interceptor is that, like many of my favorite ships, it can either kill or run away from nearly any ship it might meet. As a pirate, that is invaluable - you never know what is going to be lurking in the next anomaly or belt, but a Condor Interceptor pilot with quick reflexes can be sure that, whatever it is, you'll survive. Heck, not just survive, but frequently dominate! Due to its range and speed, there are any number of powerful ships (including my precious Succubus) that can be downed by an interceptor pilot with sufficient skill and patience.

That said, there are a few matchups to avoid - specifically, any ship that gets a bonus to web range. The Condor's strength is that it can speed tank and deal damage from outside of the range of webs - take that away and you'll discover just how fragile this ship can be. The Daredevil, Corax and Talwar are certain death for you. You should also beware of long-range sniping ships that are now entering the meta. A Tornado can erase your pricey ship in a single volley from 150km+ if you are foolish enough to stick around to fight it.

Finally, watch out for drone ships. Unfortunately, Medium Drones have been allowed to grow more overpowered in the current meta than Rapid Missiles ever were. Their well-neigh infallible tracking makes facing any drone ship tougher than a Vexor an almost impossible task for a frigate pilot.


The Condor Interceptor is easily one of the most effective ships in my arsenal - a reason almost by itself to have SP invested in Small Missiles. Its speed, damage, range and immunity to warp bubbles make it a king among roaming ships - the sort of craft any pirate should be glad to own.

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